How to follow & comment

Instructions on how to follow:
1. In the upper section of the right column, you will see the people that are "Followers" and right above that is a button labelled "follow".  Click "follow" .
2. Several options will then come up: Google, Twitter, Yahoo, Aim, Netlog & OpenID. If you have an account with any of those, click the button of that service.
~~~ If you do not have an account with any of these networks, you will need to choose one and create an account.
3. Log into that account and then you will be given the option to follow the blog publicly or privately, and what name/photo you would like to use.  When you see a screen saying "Congratulations, (your name) You are now following dragonfly in the kitchen", you are following the blog. 

A few brief notes about comments:
*I love receiving comments from my readers, and most of the first year anonymous comments were allowed (I did change that briefly during our giveaway). However, after a recent trend of comments that are thinly veiled attempts to post links on my pages, I have set comments to registered users only and I will continue to mediate all comments.

*Also, it should be noted that comments made around/during the Blogger outage of May 11-13 may have been lost (Blogger says that they are working to restore them).

* I moderate all comments, and that may sometimes delay your comment while I research my response to your statements or questions.

*I will not post comments with ads, links to unknown sites, etc. If you include a signature url in your comments, your comment will probably not be posted. When I established this blog, I debated the issue of whether to allow my host to run ads in the margins, which would allow me to generate a small amount of revenue. In  the end, I decided that this blog is about my journey to organic, all-natural food, and that my message would suffer by allowing commercial advertisement. Since I will not allow advertisement that would compensate me, I will most certainly NOT allow your SPAM, especially for inferior products that contain the very ingredients that I am working so hard to avoid. While I am willing to review whole, organic ingredients, my opinion is not for sale, and I will post my honest thoughts about your product. (I will not be paid for my opinion, beyond receiving a sample of the item). Thank you for your understanding.

Instructions on how to comment:

 1. If the very top of the screen says:
 2. "" (example of the URL of a specific post), then you can continue with step 4, if not see step 3.
 3. "", then scroll to the very bottom of the article. You'll see "Posted by Heidi a/k/a Thistle @ 9:45 AM" and then "4 comments". Click on "4 (or more, depending on when you see this) comments" and the page will reload showing comments made by other posters.
 4. Scroll down past them and it will give you an option to "post a comment". Type your comment, and select the profile you want to post your comment under (Google account, LiveJournal, WordPress, TypePad, AIM, OpenId). NOTE: If you are using a Yahoo account, select OpenId and type "" in OpenID URL when it comes up, watch for special instructions below.
 5. Click "Post Comment" (If you are using OpenId/Yahoo, the next window will ask you to "Agree" to share your ID).
 6. At this point the window should refresh and you should see "Your comment will be visible after approval."