Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Roasted Roma Chicken Soup

This is an entry that I wrote September 16th, but I was still setting up the Blog, so here it is:

Last night’s dinner was chicken soup. The base was easy, since I have canning jars of chicken stock in my freezer. I try to always have at least one on hand, and now I am down to just one, so it will be time to make stock again soon. I always think I have a ton when I make it, but it seems to disappear so quickly.
This dish was a repeat of a happy accidental discovery that involved leftover roasted tomatoes. I had enough for one serving and needed two, and offered Ray (Hubby) a choice: He could have soup with a side of reheated Roma tomato, or I could try to combine them. He said both sounded good, but combining them would take the tomato further (He knows I love to make the produce stretch to be more than a single serving).
For the last batch, I used store-bought noodles, since I didn’t have time to make my own. Yesterday I had time to make egg noodles, just my second batch ever. It is pretty hard to roll the dough out thin enough by hand, so I suppose one of these days I will invest in a hand crank pasta machine. Still, these came out nicely, and Hubby was happy. It still makes me smile that I finally got over being scared and attempted to make noodles, and managed to make something recognizably noodle-y.
I roasted Roma tomatoes with bread crumbs, spices, and Parmesan cheese. These are chopped up and added with noodles, and they add so much to the soup with vibrant color for the eyes and bursts of flavor. I am mulling over an idea for a new tomato soup with some variation of these roasted Roma’s in the starring role. Next time I make this, I will take a picture to post.

Lots of herbs and bright pieces of roasted Roma
tomatoes make this one of Hubby's favorites.


Unknown said...

Hey there trendy techie friend Heidi. Your friend Rene' in Louisiana finally saw that you had a blog. I read what you had to say and now I will give you my big piece of advice. If you have a kitchenaid mixer, there is a an attachment to roll pasta. Comes with a couple of different dies (I do believe). It is a good thing. Also, you can pick up one of them there fancy dancy hand crank pasta rollers for like $10 bucks. Also worth the investment. I am liking what I am seeing and shall be checking back in to see more in the future. Congratulations on becoming a blogger.

Heidi a/k/a Thistle said...

Hey, Rene! I am so glad you have dropped by to check out my blog. I do indeed have a KitchenAid, and I have thought of getting the attachments. My first preference lately tends towards the manual tools. I have even scoped out a manual coffee grinder that I have added to my list. Now if I could only convince my subdivision that a milk cow makes a great pet. ;)