Friday, May 13, 2011

Don't scare me like that, Blogger!

Please excuse a post that is completely not related to food, but I just have to say, "Whew! It's good to have my blog back." The 'fun' started for my blog on Wednesday night when I attempted to access my stats and instead received a screen that claimed 'dragonfly in the kitchen' does not exist and would I like to register that page? After my heart started beating again, I began trying to figure out what was wrong and checked with Blogger. According to their general instructions, I cleared my cache. I also tried another browser, and I did see that my blog actually still existed (relief), but I could not access stats or post anything (grumble). Last night I read forum posts by other frustrated Blog-writers, and found out that I was not alone. Today my page is back, and Blogger assures us that lost comments and pages should be restored (in my case, I am missing a comment or two). This is one reason that I am glad that I usually write and save all my posts locally before I upload and edit them, so I would probably not lose everything, but after eight months I would really be sad to see my blog existence vaporized. Bad Blogger, no cookies for you! Oh, okay, here's a cookie for fixing the issue, but don't DO that to me!

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