Sunday, September 11, 2011

Simple wish on a complex day.

On September 11, 2001, like many Americans, I watched the events on television. I had seen many horror stories unfold on the nightly news over the years, always safely buffered by the lens of time and distance. That morning the distance didn't seem so far, and the events unfolded with the immediacy of live TV. Today, ten years later, I am reminded of how I felt that morning as I watched the attacks, the utter helplessness of seeing lives end before my eyes, knowing that I couldn't do a damn thing to help. Since that day I have seen the country that I love rise to the occasion, and also flounder in fiscal turmoil. It seems an age away, but in an instant it still seems fresh and raw. We'll fly our flag today, we'll bow our heads for a moment of silence, and I will head to the kitchen.

They say there is nothing more American than apple pie, warm from the oven, spicy and sweet.  It seems appropriate to bake a rustic tart (the least pretentious of all pies), so that is my plan for today. In the same way that we continued from that day, with simple and small steps, I will commemorate this day in a simple way. I can't offer anything profound to a day addressed by so many higher and more artistic minds, but I give you a simple wish, that today brings you peace.

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