Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My first blogging anniversary.

One year ago today I took a deep breath and jumped into blogging, inviting you the reader to share my journey in the kitchen. It has been amazing to see that individuals from all over the world have stopped in to read my posts  and occasionally comment, and to see my little blog grow far beyond what I ever hoped. To all of you that read my entries, share them with others, revisit, and follow my pages, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

In debating on what to post on my first anniversary, I recalled that I had seen several bloggers post a 7 link challenge. That seemed like a great way to look back over this first year, so here we go:

1. My most popular post: Blueberry & Yellow Squash Bread- For a long time Acorn squash cookies were at the top, but after I posted this recipe in June, it took off like a rocket and zoomed past every other post to date.

Blueberry & Yellow Squash Bread.
This  was an alternate photo that I
didn't include in the original post.

2. The post that was surprisingly successful: "Acorn Squash cookies"- I challenged myself to create something new with acorn squash, and the result was a mildly sweet, soft and cake-like, buttery cookie. I loved them, but I was still amazed at how often a search for acorn squash cookies brought people to my blog. I'd like to revisit this to experiment further.

Acorn Squash Cookies

3. Most Controversial: I haven't really had any posts that have created any arguments (at least not that have come to my attention via comments), but I would say that "Is pink slime what's for dinner?", where I discussed the topic of ammoniated meat filler, caused the biggest stir. I know that some of my friends told me that they would not read it, and others stated that they were glad that I had brought this to their attention. I tried to handle this topic with as much respect as possible, and I tried to be pro-active by offering suggestions. note: no pictures for this post

4. My most beautiful post: I feel a little bit strange calling something that I wrote ‘beautiful', but if I had to choose, I guess I would say that "Applesauce for a great teacher (and other grownups)" came from a special place in my heart. This post was inspired by one of my favorite grade school teachers, and it felt really good to get a chance to put my appreciation out into the world, even if she will probably never see the post herself.

Applesauce for a great teacher (and other grownups)
I cropped the image for the post, but here is the original.

5. My most helpful post: This was another tough question. I have written about the challenges that I have faced with my food additive allergies, and I share recipes that I create, but I am not sure how helpful these posts are to my readers. I think that my post on making Pepperoni has gotten the strongest appreciation, so that is the link I am posting. note: photos yet to be added.

6. The post that you wish more people had read: I have posted several quick bread recipes, but "Apple Zucchini (Courgette) Spice Bread" never got much of a following. I have a special place in my heart for this recipe, so it is my choice for this category.

Apple Zucchini (Courgette) Spice Bread
One of my favorite quick breads with a cup of tea.

7. The post that makes me the most proud: When I talk about my food blog, my "Sweet Potato Pizza Crust" recipe almost always gets a reaction. I had been blogging for less than a month when I wrote this entry, and this recipe was one of the first times that I found a unique point of view to bring to cooking.

Sweet Potato Pizza Crust
Mildly earthy sweet and full of herbs, this
crust makes a perfect mate to salty bacon.

I am working on new recipes,  looking forward to sharing them, and hoping that time and budget will allow for more experimentation so that I can post more often. I have thoroughly enjoyed this first year of blogging, and invite you along for another year of my journey in the kitchen.

As I like to say, cook from the heart, and better health will surely follow.

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Phoebe said...

I am relatively new to blogging and found your blog by googling what to do with all the yellow squash I was receiving from an over zealous plant in my brother's garden. My sis-in-law and I are now in love with your yellow squash blueberry bread. I am now happily looking over and testing our your other great recipes. Great blog!

Heidi a/k/a Thistle said...

Welcome to the blog, and thanks for the comment. Let me know if you have any questions or feedback on any recipes.