Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Olive oil tortillas

I recently wrote about the tortilla shells, but accidentally deleted what I wrote. Sometime my computer and I don't see eye to eye, but I'll try this again (saving frequently, LOL).

For some time, we have been trying to eat more organic and all-natural foods. As a result, I set out to learn to make the things that we had always bought in tidy little packages. I read recipes, watched videos, took a deep breath and rolled up my sleeves. It is amazing how much I took for granted before, and how much more planning is involved when you want burritos (this used to be a last-minute staple for us). Now I soak beans (instead of cracking open a can), cook rice, and roll out tortillas.

I didn't have anyone that I knew to ask about the process, but the internet has opened up a brave new world for self-taught cooks like me. Spend some time with a  search engine, and I think you can find instructions on how to make just about anything. Since I roll the tortillas (instead of using a press), they aren't the perfect circles that we used to buy, they also don't contain lard or bleached flour, and they have much more flavor. 

By the way, don't think tortilla shells are just for burritos and quesadillas. These also taste great with peanut butter and jelly. Once, I also had some leftover butter cream icing, and I spread it on one tortilla, put another on top, and sliced it for our dessert. It tasted a little bit like the cream horns that I used to buy in the store, and I could pronounce everything in it.

I wont say that these are easy to make (there is quite a bit of work involved), but they are not complicated, and they are worth it.

Homemade Olive Oil Tortillas

Olive Oil Tortillas

4 cups all-purpose flour
1/8 tsp baking powder
½ cup olive oil
1 ½ tsp sea salt whisked into 1 cup water

Mix oil with fingertips into flour and baking powder until all flour is damp and crumbly
Add water and knead until a ball forms (app. 2 min.)
Cover dough with damp cloth and rest for 20 min.
Cut into 12 balls cover and rest another 20 min.
Roll out thin and use bench flour to keep tortillas from sticking together; as you roll the last few tortillas, begin to preheat a heavy griddle or pan on med heat.
Cook on first side 10 seconds or so, then flip and watch for bubbles to form, pressing with a spatula. When the bottom begins to brown in spots, flip back to first side and brown.
Remove and place under a damp towel. Store in an airtight container with a damp towel or cloth napkin.


Unknown said...

These are very good....I need to make some...enjoyed them very much at your house that night for dinner. (or maybe I will just "pay" you to make me a batch...hmmmm...that sounds better/easier for me !!!! :)

Heidi a/k/a Thistle said...

LOL! I am sure we can work something out. Maybe I can use these to pay rent to use the meat grinder. :)

RebeccaMom said...

I love homemade tortillas, but haven't made them with a press ever. Mine look like little maps of the new world LOL I need to work on my rolling :)

Heidi a/k/a Thistle said...

I know what you mean, since I don't have a press either. Even after practice, I sometimes get some funny shapes, but they still taste good. I just call them 'rustic', LOL.